In my work I enjoy conveying a story of a place with a history in which multiple scales receive special attention. I love bold textures as these are created by passing time, therefore putting emphasis on bygone days. In particular, I aim to show the beauty that exists in human-made wooden, concrete and steel structures contrasting with soft organic forms from nature. My subjects encompass industrial objects, ghost towns and coastal themes with an element of human origin in it. To obtain my goal I portray these in high-contrast black and white photographs. I either selectively or fully hand color the photographs with photo oils. My frames also receive special attention, such that the final product is an integrated whole. I also carry out commissioned work and do portraits on location - which can also be hand colored for you.

In May/June 2014 I changed my name from "Eyeball Photography" to "Roy Kerckhoffs Art".




















Currently the website is partly in "catalogue mode", so no shopping cart yet for several galleries. Galleries that are functional are Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside, Pacific Beach, Imperial Beach and Torrey Pines, plus a couple of photos in Bodie.


Roy Kerckhoffs
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